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Yin Paradies


Professor Yin Paradies is an animist anarchist activist Wakaya man who is committed to understanding and interrupting the devastating impacts of modern societies. He seeks mutuality of becoming and embodied kinship with all life through transformed ways of knowing, being and doing. Yin is Chair in Race Relations at Deakin University where he conducts research on racism and anti-racism. He also teaches and undertakes research in Indigenous knowledges and decolonisation. Yin has authored 250 publications, been awarded grants worth $48 million, is an invited reviewer for more than 125 journals and has 18,000 citations with a Google h index of 64.

Indigenous perspectives on decolonial futures

Specific topics covered may include the origins and conditions of modernity as well as various aspects of the Anthropocene and primal societies. For example, considering anarcha-Indigenism, egalitarianism, relational autonomy, inter-dependence, distributed authority, context sensitivity, prefigurativity, deep listening, orality, memory, ritual, ceremony, kin, and Country.

Yin Paradies
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