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Yasmine Serhan


Yasmine is a Union Organiser and Early Childhood Educator known for her passion for change. She graduated from the University of Waikato after spending her formative learning years in both Aotearoa and the Middle East. She knows that equitable education is the best way to shape change.

Stories of resistance in the face of settler colonialism: From Aotearoa to Parihitini/ Palestine

Colonisation has always been met with creative and brilliant forms of resistance.

In this session, we will travel from Aotearoa to Palestine. As Palestinians living in Aotearoa, we have learned a great deal from witnessing Māori be Māori on their own land. Whether or not you know anything about Palestine, this exchange of stories and anecdotes will illustrate the familiar faces of colonisation. From land to water, law to prisons and food to culture – how the settler colonialism moves and how indigenous people move against it.

This session will pay tribute to the relationships, thinkers and dreamers that remind us advancing Te Tiriti and Palestinian liberation are bound together. Join us to expand and explore these links.

Yasmine Serhan
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