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Teanau Tuiono

Cook Islands Māori (Atiu – Ngati Ingatu, Ngati Toki, Ngati Paerangi) and New Zealand Māori (Te Uriroroi, Ngāpuhi and Ngāi Takoto)

Teanau Tuiono, an experienced activist, combines Pasifika and Māori community advocacy, emphasizing climate action, indigenous rights, and a just transition as a Green Party List MP based in Palmerston North.

The influence of Franz Fanon in Aotearoa and Oceania

This talanoa will explore how Franz Fanon's ideas continue to shape indigenous activism in Aotearoa, emphasizing their relevance in addressing colonialism, indigenous rights, and climate action. Fanon's insights into the psychological impacts of colonialism and their role in internalized oppression have profound implications for indigenous communities in Aotearoa. His advocacy for resistance as a means of achieving independence sparks essential discussions among these communities regarding the nature of resistance and decolonization. Fanon's legacy serves as a constant source of inspiration and guidance for indigenous activists, propelling their pursuit of justice, self-determination, and the preservation of the environment.

Teanau Tuiono
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