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Reverend Muamua Sofi Strickson-Pua

Ngati Hamoa Cantonese Saina Irish French Niu Sila Aotearoa 1st generation born

40 years of Pasifika community development, 30 plus years of ordained shared Presbyterian Ministry with Linda Strickson-Pua, and Tautua serving Pasifika, Māori, Pākehā and Tauiwi family of humanity Ngāti Human tribe. From humble migrant upbringing Pacific Islands Church P.I.C. Newton our parents addressing Dawn Raids 74-76, Youth Ministry to King Cobra Gang Detached Youth Worker DYW 80-81, our PIC Patu Squad Anti-Springbok Tour 1981 chapter arrested 6 times convicted once, and te Tiriti o Waitangi Māori Sovereignty Samoans Against Waitangi S.A.W. arrested at Waitangi 1982. Thus, activist Aiga Whānau Samoan Chinese second generation serving working on Fa’avae Tikanga Kaupapa Mahi te Tiriti o Waitangi, Māori Sovereignty, colonialisation to decolonialisation, systemic institutional racism, poverty, injustice hence social justice to social change for Aotearoa Niu Sila. Our shared Fa’atuatuaga Hope Arts praxis education community development Ministry.

The influence of Franz Fanon in Aotearoa and Oceania

Honouring Poumau Papalii and Franz Fanon Pacific Fa’agaioiga activism in
Aotearoa. A Pacific activist and community perspective Mafaufauga Loloto reflections.

Poumau Papalii is an unsung Pasifika hero of activism, community development
pioneer, scholar academic, and poet of the 1970s to 1990s. He was a role model
from amongst our own peers leading our social issues awareness. Introducing us
to writers, books of social political activism and humanity’s liberation.
Franz Fanon was a name a story of arts and activism who sounded amazing but
Poumau would humbly remind us we were amazing. Years later with experience,
our own reflections insights come integrated praxis Franz Fanon was also that
hero not given the kudos.
From our experiences of 40 years of Pasifika community development and 30
years of ordained Presbyterian Ministry Tautua serving Tagata Pasifika, Tangata
Whenua, Palagi and Tauiwi family of humanity to Ngati Human Tribe. I wish to
navigate storytelling, poementary performance, honouring celebrating Poumau
and Franz through our blessed learnings of Fa’agaioiga activism and Mafaufauga
Loloto reflections.

Reverend Muamua Sofi Strickson-Pua
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