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Laura Corradi

 Laura Corradi is a traveller, a scholar, an activist involved in feminist, queer and deep ecology movements, against racism and wars, for health and social rights. She teaches Gender Studies and Intersectional Methodology and she is a member of the Steering Committee of the Unesco Chair for Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment at Amrita University. Her blog with publications:

Institutional racism and fascism in Italy: feminist intersectional analysis for the politics of alliances

Authoritarian forms of representative democracy in several European Union countries seem to be shifting fast toward openly racist/fascist types of governments. This is the result of the rise of right wing parties and far-right political formations, which are participating or leading the coalitions. In Italy the process is partly based upon a large support to anti-migration policies (also by parts of the working and lower classes); the defeat of center-left alliances because of their inability to find viable answers to the ecological and economical crises, deepened by their neoliberal politics and extended corruption; and the mediatic use of fear as a social emotion (first during the pandemic and now during the escalating war in Ukraine). A feminist intersectional analysis as the output of collective intellect and experience is needed to find solutions, in face of an increase of violence of all types (gender-based, scapegoating of minorities, police brutality, interpersonal violence, self-harm and suicide) and chronic degenerative illnesses related to environmental degradation. Some elements will be offered to de-colonize concepts and research/action methodologies – looking toward intersectional alliances and social coalitions to prevent racism, islamophobia and anti-gypsism, in the context of war escalation in European Union.

Laura Corradi
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