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Jane Kelsey


Professor Jane Kelsey is an academic activist/ retired law professor who works for Tiriti justice and trade justice, and against neoliberalism and the power of global capitalism. With a Mum from Taranaki and a Dad from the Hokianga, Jane has a clear sense of her place in Aotearoa and responsibilities as Tauiwi to promote constitutional transformation that benefits us all.

From neoliberal globalisation to tino rangatiratanga – what Tiriti-based globalisation should look like

Colonisation was always about expanding imperial authority over resources that belonged to other peoples. te Tiriti o Waitangi affirmed the power of rangatira to exercise absolutely authority, including the power to make treaties. The two were bound to conflict. This conflict took different forms during various era of colonisation and resistance in Aotearoa. Most recently a virulent form of neoliberal globalisation has boosted the power and profits of corporations, from mining to entertainment to finance to big tech, and heightened the inequalities of wealth and power built on that historical base.

The reassertion of tino rangatiratanga had fought back against those developments. One such example, the campaign against the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement and pressure on the government to empower Māori to control their own resources and decide their own futures, is the focus of this presentation.

Jane Kelsey
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