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Emily Beausoleil

Tauiwi Pākehā (English, French, Scottish), Tangata Tiriti

As a political scholar, Emily works on how to foster listening among advantaged groups. As ‘pracademic’ and Tangata Tiriti committed to concrete and collective action to support te Tiriti justice, she applied that learning to co-design and co-lead Tauiwi Tautoko with ActionStation and now Lincoln Dam. Tauiwi Tautoko is a national antiracism training and volunteer community that supports tauiwi to have effective anti-racist conversations with other tauiwi. To date, it’s trained over 400 tauiwi in this particular form of anti-racism, and collaborates with other organisations and groups in the broader ecosystem of change so that an ever growing community of tauiwi are equipped, confident, and active in addressing racism and backlash to te Tiriti transformation from within our own communities.

Te Tiriti o Waitangi and Anti-racist Activism: Three Pākehā Educationalists Reflect 

What intergenerational insights can be gleaned about Pākehā roles and responsibilities in Te Tiriti o Waitangi and anti-racism education? This panel discusses the roles, contributions and pitfalls of Pākehā Te Tiriti education and anti-racism in a colonised country. Drawing on the experiences of three generations of Pākehā actively working with other Pākehā to honour te Tiriti, the participants will explore how power dynamics, tensions and changes within Pākehā te Tiriti education and activism work over three generations. With over 100 years of combined experience, the discussion aims to identify key lessons about Pākehā te Tiriti education and anti-racism historically, presently and into the future. 

Emily Beausoleil
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