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Tze Ming Mok

Malaysia, Taiwan and Singapore.

Tze Ming Mok is a critical race sociologist and writer, best known in Aotearoa as a cultural and political commentator on racism and human rights issues, particularly those affecting Asian communities. She was co-winner of the Landfall Essay prize in 2004 with her influential essay ‘Race you there’ which called on Asian communities to embrace their role as Tangata Tiriti.

Perspectives on power, change and the State for Chinese in Aotearoa

How have Chinese in Aotearoa supported tino rangatiratanga and their own self-determination? We explore the pathways trod so far, the current day implications for our communities, and visions of where this may lead for a different kind of equitable, cohesive and Tiriti-based society.

Tze Ming Mok
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