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Professor Yin Paradies

Aboriginal-Asian-Anglo Australian of the Wakaya people

Dr. Yin Paradies is an Aboriginal-Asian-Anglo Australian of the Wakaya people from the Gulf of Carpentaria. He is Professor of Race Relations at Deakin University, where he conducts research on racism and anti-racism as well as teaching and researching Indigenous knowledges and decoloniality. Yin is an anarchist radical scholar and ecological activist who is committed to understanding and interrupting the devastating impacts of modern societies. He seeks meaningful mutuality of becoming and embodied kinship with all life through transformed ways of knowing, being and doing that are grounded in wisdom, humility, respect and generosity.
Presentation title

An Indigenous perspective on modernity and decolonial futures

In our world of fake news, ever increasing disparities and technological progress, it is vital that we interrogate the largely unquestioned aspects of modernity that have brought us to the brink of extinction. In this fireside chat, I argue that the unsustainable devastations of contemporary culture have left only radical futures ahead of us. I suggest that we relinquish debt, property, institutions and nation states on a path towards decoloniality that includes land-based re-localisation, revitalised communalism and embodied kinship with all life. This will necessitate an Indigenisation in which we, collectively embrace fundamentally transformed relationships of mutuality to bring about flourishing egalitarian societies.

Professor Yin Paradies
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