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Professor Camille Nakhid

Kalinago, African, Lebanese – Caribbean Trinbagonian

Professor Camille Nakhid is from Trinidad and Tobago (native Carib, African, Lebanese, Indian heritage). Camille teaches on race, discrimination and power. She has carried out research with Pasifika youth and gangs, African youth experiences with the police, and queer ethnic young people experiences with family, community and intimate partner relationships. She is an Associate Professor at AUT.

Racism and the Neoliberal Academy: Towards an Academic Manifesto

In this question and answer session we consider how racism manifests in the neoliberal environment of settler universities and how scholars who operate in the margins and peripheries of those institutions might disrupt, unsettle or trouble the centres of power, privilege and influence that regulate and monitor everyday academic life. We draw on our experiences to examine the consequences of disrupting and exposing embedded racism and microaggressions and to determine how we can dismantle the exisiting organisation of knowledge and control in higher education to rebuild one forged from principles of equity.

Professor Camille Nakhid
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