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Matthew Farry


Dr Matthew Farry is the Executive Director, Courageous Conversation South Pacific Institute
Courageous Conversation South Pacific Institute® is the inspired offspring of a unique partnership between Glenn Singleton, founder and author of Courageous Conversation, and Matthew.

For 25 years, Mathew’s personal and professional purpose has been building meaningful connections between individuals, organisations and communities that transcend historical, national, ethnic, racial and religious differences. His focus has been partnering with individuals and organisations to build equitable inclusion through systemic transformation. He has supported numerous leaders and organisations to unearth and navigate the historical, cultural and racial differences that truly make a difference in people’s lives. He has worked extensively, as a leader, educator, researcher and consultant, in the field of migration, resettlement, intercultural communication and relations, anti-racism, and equity and inclusion in organisational development in both his ancestral homeland, Lebanon, and in Aotearoa.

Men, Gender Equity, and Anti-Racism: Organizing and Research Perspectives

Many of the outcomes that antiracism organising seeks to address - education, incarceration, and health - vary greatly by sex and gender. Yet, few anti-racism efforts consider these patterns or frame these efforts considering a gendered lens, and global evidence suggests that progress in these areas have not equally benefited men and women. In this fireside chat, we will explore these observations and discuss the implications for antiracism organizing and scholarship. We seek to grapple with the paradox that males are faring worse than women in key areas of life, despite their structural advantages in society. We wrestle with the persistent assumption that advancing men’s health and gender equity are at odds, and the finding from qualitative research that men tend to recognize traditional hegemonic masculine ideals but often do not subscribe to them. We look forward to a discussion that helps us identify a path forward that is beneficial for all.

Matthew Farry
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