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Lewis Williams

Ngai Te Rangi

Lewis Williams is an interdisciplinary, Indigenous, feminist scholar-practitioner. Her scholarship and practice centre on Indigenous resurgence and reconciliation as a key means of addressing Indigenous disparities and human-planetary wellbeing. Lewis is the Founding Director of the Alliance for Intergenerational Resilience (AIR), a Canadian-based international not for profit organization, and Associate Professor, Indigenous Studies, Geography and Environment, University of Western Ontario. Her recently released book “Indigenous Intergenerational Resilience: Confronting Cultural and Ecological Crisis" (Routledge Indigenous Peoples and Policy Series) captures the heart of her work. Website:

Nurturing wairua: Anchoring activism in place

In this fireside chat, Lewis Williams and Emalani Case will talk about Indigenous activism in place. Using their own lives and experiences in various locations—both having lived away from their Indigenous homelands—they will reflect on positionality and about what it means to protect their worlds while at home and while away from home. Drawing on practice-focused work and research that is intimately tied to community and focused on Indigenous resilience and persistence, they will come together to discuss how maintaining connection and nurturing wairua is the anchor for protective and political action for the planet.

Lewis Williams
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