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Kirsten Wong

Chinese New Zealander

Kirsten Wong is a second-generation Chinese New Zealander with ancestral links to Jung Seng county (增城)in Guangdong, China. She has a policy and communications background, and has been involved in the early settler Chinese community since the late 1980s. She has project lead the New Zealand Chinese Association’s (NZCA) SS Ventnor memorial work and is currently leading another NZCA project - a Chinese New Zealand history website to support the new compulsory Aotearoa New Zealand Histories curriculum.

Perspectives on power, change and the State for Chinese in Aotearoa

How have Chinese in Aotearoa supported tino rangatiratanga and their own self-determination? We explore the pathways trod so far, the current day implications for our communities, and visions of where this may lead for a different kind of equitable, cohesive and Tiriti-based society.

Kirsten Wong
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