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Keri Milne-Ihimaera

Ngāi Tahu

Dr Keri Milne-Ihimaera has over sixteen years’ experience in roles as a principal, General Manager, and Executive Director where she provides a Māori woman's perspective in the areas of education, leadership, people and strategy. She is currently the General Manager - Māori Development of the Southern Institute of Technology, advises the NZ Education Institute on their provision for Māori, and serves as a board member for the Ngāti Hine Health Trust and the National Cancer Society. Keri is relentless in her focus of improving outcomes for Māori and ensuring our mokopuna are able to live as Māori and achieve as Māori, determining their own direction, within their own modern-day context. She believes this won't occur by making subtle, safe and conservative changes.

Disrupting Education: A Whānau Perspective

Two generations, mother and daughter, present Pākehā and Māori perspectives of the intergenerational loss and trauma caused by our education system from their experience of whānau and community. Their extensive professional work has been about challenging and changing that situation.

Hetaraka (2020) states that Māori cultural identity has almost always been sacrificed for academic achievement, because in current circumstances the two exist in juxtaposition to each other. This presentation will explore that truth. How can Pākehā educators change their practice? What choices do Māori whanau have? In an era of supposed educational change we cannot move forward by continuing to replicate what we have done in the past, no matter how many fancy names we dream up for practice that really isn’t all that different.

Keri Milne-Ihimaera
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