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Kate McKegg

Pākehā with Irish and Scottish ancestory

Evaluator, facilitator, director, author, mother, grandmother and wife. Kate McKegg is the Director of the Knowledge Institute Limited and a member of the Kinnect Group as well as a Māori-led collective Tuakana Teina, based in Waikato. Over more than 25 years, Kate has worked in government, non-government, philanthropic and community contexts, including many Indigenous settings, supporting people to develop their evaluative thinking and practice. Kate is at the forefront of the field of evaluation in New Zealand, spearheading the development of the profession as well as many innovative methodologies and approaches. She is renowned for being one of the leading practitioners of Developmental Evaluation.

For nearly twenty years she has also undertaken governance roles. She is a founding member and board member of the Aotearoa New Zealand Evaluation Association, holding the Convenor role for two terms. She is also a current board member of Xtreme Zero Waste Limited and Xtreme Zero Waste Trust in Raglan.

Te Tiriti o Waitangi and Governance

In this ‘Fireside chat’, Kate McKegg and Tama Davis will talk with each other about what anti racism praxis looks like when we start from a Te Ao Māori perspective. We will traverse historical injustice, generosity and legacies unknown to Pākeha. We’ll chat about partnership practices that resemble abuse at one end of the spectrum - to love in an offhand way. We’ll talk about the challenge of iwi capacity and capability to fulfill partnership expectations, and the types of compromises iwi have made and continue to make in the pursuit of equity. And finally we’ll talk about reframing how we think about investing in the future with some thoughts about the types of things that should be valued and exchanged.

Kate McKegg
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