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Haroon Kasim

தோழ% சாைலக்கைட (Tōḻar Cālaikkaṭai)

Dr. Haroon Kasim is an Australian Medical Doctor of Indian Origin. Dr. Kasim is the co-founder of The Humanism Project in Australia. The Humanism Project is an Indian disaporic organisation that seeks to fight hate, xenophobia and divisiveness and celebrate the inherent diversity of humanity.

In his role as the co-founder of The Humanism Project, he works with individuals and organisations around the world who share the common goal of fighting bigotry, hate speech, empowering the marginalised and celebrating the rich multicultural ethos of humanity. He has a particular interest in creating greater awareness of and effectively addressing social discord that arises from weaponising dehumanising narratives and the tsunami of vilification of targeted at religious minorities and marginalised sections of the society.


"Social media platforms have become online hate factories that dehumanise fellow human beings, spread hate, prejudice, incitement to violence and atrocities against minorities and social discord.

In some countries more than three-quarters of the cases involving dehumanisation and hate speech target minorities, yet efforts to combat on-line hate speech seldom recognise dehumanisation and it contribution to social discord and violent extremism.

The consequences of the lack of effective legal and other responses by public authorities and social media platforms continue to be tragic to the point of being lethal, leading to massive atrocities and violations of human rights and the creation of conditions for potential conflict.

This highlights an urgent need for civil society and public authorities to recognise and effectively address the dangers posed by online dehumanisation and hate speech."

Haroon Kasim
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