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Dianne Jones

Balladong Noongar Yok

Dianne Jones is a contemporary photomedia artist, PhD candidate and scholar with an interest in historical truths and untruths. Jones is from Noongar Country with a particular interest in Aboriginal perspectives within the arts and popular nationhood ideologies, Jones has completed her Masters at Victorian College of the Arts. She has exhibited extensively and is in numerous national and international collections including the National Gallery of Australia, National Gallery of Victoria and Gallery of Western Australia and Parliament House in Western Australia.

Art as Activism for Racial Justice

As indigenous women artists Dianne, Linda and Tāwera will discuss their notions of art as activism. Some of the topics explored in this session will include aboriginal and indigenous perspectives within the arts, truths and untruths, popular nationhood ideologies and the way in which art practice can reinforce principles of tino rangatiratanga and the sovereignty of Native nations. Tāwera will discuss the Seventh Generation Fund for Indigenous Peoples that emerged from Indigenous communities during the cultural, social, and political renaissance era of the ’60s and ’70s. Becoming a good ancestor should be, if not already, at the forefront of every indigenous native mind in the world. We can do this by thriving and not just surviving!

Dianne Jones
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