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Bev Tso Hong

Chinese New Zealander

Bev is a fourth generation Chinese New Zealander whose great grandfather first came from China (Poon Yue County, Guangdong) to Aotearoa over 100 years ago. She has over twenty-five years’ experience as a social policy researcher whose work has spanned a wide range of government portfolios including justice, social development, education, immigration, and culture and heritage. In recent years, Bev has been interested in approaches that strengthen and affirm positive societal values and wellbeing including a focus on the role of arts and culture in society, sense of belonging, and bridging across diverse perspectives. In 2020, she co-led an anti-racism/pro-diversity art-based community initiative which spotlighted the diversity of Chinese communities in Aotearoa ( Bev is a Senior Associate at the Institute of Governance and Policy Studies, Victoria University of Wellington and a co-founder and Principal researcher at Kōtātā Insight Limited.

Perspectives on power, change and the State for Chinese in Aotearoa

How have Chinese in Aotearoa supported tino rangatiratanga and their own self-determination? We explore the pathways trod so far, the current day implications for our communities, and visions of where this may lead for a different kind of equitable, cohesive and Tiriti-based society.

Bev Tso Hong
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